Element Fencing

Our Work

What We Do

As a locally-owned Boise based fence company, we design and build our projects to fit a homeowners needs and the natural beauty of our area. Our experienced builders can take care of any need you have including, but not limited to:

Cedar and redwood fences

– Vertical and dog-eared
– Modern and horizontal
– Anything that suits your needs

Alternative wood fences, including:

– Ipe and teak
– Wrought-iron


– All colors and styles including trellis-topped decks & pergolas

Anything else that fits your needs:

– Other outdoor shelters and structures


Unique Fence Designs

In our opinion, a fence should compliment a home, not be an afterthought. We have the experience to understand that a fence can and should be used as an integral accent to your curb appeal.

We use a variety of materials, sizes, and designs to create our unique fence designs. Some recent projects have used everything from reclaimed wood to hogwire to corrugated metal. As long as we know it will be structurally sound, we’ll use it.

Standard Fences

We hate calling any fence a standard fence. Just because a cedar, vinyl, or wrought-iron fence has a more common look does not mean it is any less customized to your home than fences with a more unique design. Our favorite materials are cedar and redwood, but we are experienced in all types of fencing including wrought iron, vinyl, and chain link.

Take a look through some of the more common fence styles below

Screens, Decorative Wood, & More

Here are a few items that don’t quite fit into a standard category. As you’ll see, we are able to do just about any type of outdoor project you may require, just let us know what you are looking for and we are happy to find a unique, interesting, and useful solution.

Corrugated Privacy Screen and Garden Bed

This Boise Bench house is right on a main road. To help solve the feeling of opening their door directly onto the road, we installed this small privacy screen. We added a garden bed as an accent where a cement and brick garden bed once was.

Yard Railing in the Hills

Not quite a fence, this railing helps keep the clients safe from the steep drop in their yard while allowing them to keep their view and add a bit of decorative touch.

East End Screen

The mid-century lines, but rustic wood are a great compliment to this client’s reclaimed wood front door.

Mid-Century Privacy Screen

This painted screen allows for the right amount of privacy with the perfect color and style to match our client’s needs.

Road-Noise Screen

This privacy screen allows for our client to sit on their front deck without having to see the road a house away. It also helps block out some of the noise coming from the busy street while still allowing friendly conversation between neighbors.

Utility Cover

This utility cover is both useful and attractive. A similar design can be used as a small animal shelter, an irrigation pump house, and other practical uses. We are also happy to create a design for a similar application that fits the unique style of your home.

Decorative Picket Cover

When we tear down wood from a job site, we hate to simply turn the beautiful aged wood into waste. We try to salvage it and apply it as a decorative finish like we did to the shed and bathroom wall below.